This workshop is in English.
Do you ever have the feeling that your style doesn’t reflect who you really are? That you’ve evolved in your life but your clothes stayed a few years behind? Do you often stand in front of your closet without the idea of what to wear? Maybe you are bored and want to make a change but don’t know which direction to go? Or, you go shopping for something new and come home with nearly the same sweater or a dress you already own?
Bo Aquarius believes that clothes can express your personality, build confidence and make you fall (more) in love with yourself. Being stuck with your personal style can be daunting and really hard to overcome. In this workshop, you will find out how to do it, and learn many styling tricks and tips for shopping in a smart way.
This workshop will be about:
* why what we wear is more important than we actually think and how it impacts the way we feel and think about ourselves
* how to build a positive body image and treat yourself with kindness
* how to find your personal style
* the power and use of colours
* how to dress to flatter your figure
* how to build a functional wardrobe
* the guide to smart shopping
This is a great opportunity to get more clarity on how you want to look like and what you need.
Bring photos of your outfits you are unsure about, tell Bo your styling problems, ask all your burning questions.
Bo Aquarius is a personal stylist based in Mechelen. She helps people to find their own style and motivates them to use it as a tool for self-care and empowerment. She does it by cleaning and organizing their wardrobes, taking them for smart shopping, or even shopping for them online. She believes in the authenticity and pursuit of a better version of yourself. She uses clothes to bring an immediate change in how we see and think about ourselves. The right outfit can make all the difference and create a ripple effect of positive changes in your life.
Minimum participants | 5
Maximum participants | 15

€ 40


Woensdag 13 maart 2019 | 19u30 tot 21u30


Drankje en knabbels, tips & tricks, take-me-home zakje, goed gevoel en gezelligheid!


L’eef Store | Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat 46, 2800 Mechelen


BOAQUARIUS is an authentic, stylish and enthusiastic entrepreneur. She has the knowledge and great mindset to help men & women to create their own style. Based in Mechelen she has started her business and has different services she offers to her clients.